Why AKA Accredited Kinesiologists?

You might be asking, why should I trust an AKA Accredited Kinesiologist? The answer is simple. AKA Accredited Kinesiologists are the most qualified in the country as we hold the highest standard of all associations. To be an AKA Accredited Kinesiologist, a practitioner must complete courses that have been scrutinised by the AKA’s course accreditation board, ensuring the highest quality standards.

The AKA is the only association to uphold government standards for the kinesiology industry, ensuring all Level 5 and 6 practitioners have received a minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice and 150 hours of mentored supervision. This gives you, the consumer of kinesiology services, confidence you are receiving the highest quality kinesiology session available. We take our responsibility to uphold these standards very seriously and will not compromise on them, to ensure the Australian public can trust the services of our AKA endorsed practitioners.

Kinesiology is an unregulated industry, meaning the word kinesiologist is not protected for those who have undergone the three-year diploma or equivalent. There are many people who claim to be kinesiologists when they have attended a weekend course to learn how to muscle test. Muscle testing does not qualify an individual in the skilled art of kinesiology. Kinesiologists cover a vast range of techniques and spend 550 hours (Level 4), 1,200 hours (Level 5), or even 2,150 hours (Level 6) studying and practicing how to be the best kinesiologist possible.

Kristen Luby,
AKA Accredited Kinesiologist

With an AKA Accredited Kinesiologist, you can be sure you are getting a well educated, highly skilled and professional practitioner.