Practitioner Requirements

The following are required to apply for and maintain AKA Kinesiology Practitioner Membership.

Current MembershipPaid in full
Current First AidProvide First Aid HLTAID003/HLTAID011  (also known as Level 2 or Senior First Aid) Certificate to be refreshed every 3 years to ensure your knowledge stays up-to-date and current.
Current Professional Indemnity & Public Liability InsuranceMandatory for all practitioner members
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points

All practitioner members must submit a completed official AKA CPD Record Form at the time of annual membership renewal;
A minimum of 20 CPD points required per membership year due on the 1st July each year;
If completing 40+ points in one year, only a maximum of 20 CPD points will be carried forward to the next year, i.e. this will be considered to be 2 years worth of CPD;
Only submit CPD activity completed from the previous membership year (for example if CPD is due 1st July 2020, then you are required to submit CPD completed between 1st July 2019-30th June 2020).

Click here to submit CPD record online (you must be signed in).

Click here for CPD Accepted Activity List to facilitate completion of online CPD record form.


  • It is your responsibility as a Registered AKA Practitioner to ensure that AKA essential requirements are met and all your documents are up to date. To determine that the AKA has current copies of your documents on file please login to your member profile using your email address and password and check the expiry dates for each. Failure to meet the essential requirements for Practitioner registration may result in your membership and all benefits suspended and/or archived.
  • AKA reserves the right to perform random CPD audits of practitioner members to validate that CPD records submitted are true and correct. Penalties apply for non-compliance. Any evidence listed on the CPD form may be requested.